Re-opening for Public Worship

Can I bring you up to date about church building re-opening?

From Sunday, 19th July Lostock Church will be open again for Sunday services.  There will be a weekly 9.30am service.

That’s the easy bit folks!

Booking system

This really goes against the grain for any welcoming church… there will be a booking system in place.
Since at least half of the pews are out of use due to social distancing guidelines, we cannot accommodate as many people per service as we might under normal circumstances.

We’re also aware however that quite a number of people are not intending to return to the buildings for the foreseeable future.

If you responded to our questionnaire to say that you would like to come back to church then you should have received an email confirming the services that we have booked you in for over the following three weeks – 19th July, 26th July and 2nd August.

If you think that you have booked in but haven’t received an email please get in touch as soon as you can.

If you have booked in but your plans change, please don’t worry. Just let us know.

Booking in for future weeks

We will be making details available of how to book in for services on Sunday 9th, 16th and 23rd August soon. Watch out for more details by email, on our website and on Facebook.

If you haven’t been a regular Lostock Church in recent times but would like to come along now that the buildings are open again, you would be very welcome. Do contact the office and let us know when you would like to attend. We’d be delighted to see you!

What to expect when you come to church

We have a long list of guidelines from the government and from the Church of England that we have to work to.

When you do come to a service in church, you need to know that it will be somewhat different to what you may have been used to.

Buildings will be open from 15 minutes before the start of the service.
People will be allowed in ONE INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY GROUP at a time, and 2metre spacings will be marked outside the buildings to allow for queuing.

Once in the building you will be shown to a seat or pew and that is your space for the duration of the service.
Please don’t just go and sit where you usually like to sit.
Where you usually like to sit may well be closed off anyway.
And please stay where you are seated.
Don’t move to another place.
Everywhere you (or staff) go in the building has to be disinfected afterwards.
Everything you (or staff) TOUCH has to be disinfected.
Individuals or family groups will be seated at least 2metres from any other individuals or family groups.

There will be a one-way system through the building, including coming in through the South door (Church Centre side) and leaving through the North door.
Please help those on duty to do their job and please respect everyone’s space.

At the end of the service, people will be allowed out, a pew at a time starting from the back.
Please make your way straight out of the building, and try not to block thoroughfares.
There won’t be any refreshments served for the foreseeable future.

Click on the image for a fuller briefing sheet on what to expect when you come to church.

In preparing to re-open the building we have completed a full risk assessment which is available to view here.

This is all so untypical of our normal gatherings.
Lostock is a friendly congregation and, usually in our Sunday and other gatherings there are times and spaces to catch-up with each other, but these are not typical times.

We’ve tried to make things as simple as possible given the guidelines that we have to work to.
Please bear with us as we try to make this work.

God bless